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Dingle Homes is a dynamic and forward thinking general contractor and property development company. Dingle Homes specialise in general contracting and property development for both the residential and commercial sectors. All of Dingle Homes’ projects and developments are future-proof and sustainable.

In today’s world it is no longer good enough to be a good worker, you need a good team. Construction is a multi disciplinary approach with everyone pulling in the same direction. Our motivated, talented in-house staff are fully trained and certified.

A Modern Approach to Building

We use only top quality products throughout the build. We specialise in speed without compromising on quality. Our focus is fast tracking projects completed to the highest quality, on time and within budget. Our professional, modern approach means that your build is just as important to us as it is to you.

Getting Dingle Homes involved in your project as early as possible is vital. It allows us to have a positive influence in the process. The earlier we are involved, the better the results for our clients. We can design and build your home or can offer you plans off the shelf with minor adjustments to match your exact needs.

Focusing on needs first

When starting any construction project there is a difference between needs and wants. When finances are an issue Dingle Homes pay particular attention to needs rather than wants. By focusing on needs first, Dingle Homes can ensure that your project is fit for your purpose at completion while respecting the budget set at the outset.

Your Privacy

Dingle Homes knows the importance of privacy. Your business is private. We respect this privacy and operate with the utmost discretion at all times.

Health & Safety

Insurance cover important in this world. Quite often, the small scale builders are not insured and not aware of the health and safety requirements. Dingle Homes prides itself on it’s safety record. No one is on site without insurance. We complete all of our builds to the highest standards and implement all of the legislative and health and safety requirements.

Dingle Homes embraces the responsibility of completing top quality builds. We understand our obligations and love a challenge. Dingle Homes can ensure that all of your construction needs from planning permission to fulfilling building regulations are taken care of.

Getting involved from the beginning of the Project

The advantage of our involvement at the design stage is that we can engineer your spend to get the best results. With a two pronged approach, sometimes the costs can spiral out of budget. With a single appointment from the beginning of the project, the construction costs and building techniques are looked at very early in the process. This guarantees you the best results. Through working closely with our client on costs we can make our clients investment do more for them. While we are happy to join your project, coming late to the project can sometimes limit our influence.

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Dingle Homes Properties on the Dingle Peninsula
Dingle Homes Properties on the Dingle Peninsula

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