Property Investment

A dynamic approach to property investment.

Traditionally investing in property meant going down the buy to let route, expecting capital growth with the rental income from tenants covering the mortgage costs and any outgoings. Dingle Homes are shaking things up and taking a fresh, dynamic approach to property investment.

We have property hunters in every county in Ireland. We have the in-house experience in property investment. With our property investment knowledge and experience we offer a comprehensive property investment service. You invest and we ensure the return.

A Dynamic Approach To Property Investment

Dingle Homes has a few different approaches depending on what you want:

Flip It

If you want a quick turn around, we identify the investment that we feel value can be added to. We make the investment, add the value and re-launch the new product to the market in a speedy time frame, ensuring that you maximize your investment.

Design It

If you are looking to start from scratch, Dingle Homes can design a new build for you. We can take your project from green field site to turn-key and apply our knowledge and expertise to all aspects of your new build.

Pool It

If you have only a small sum to invest, we can help by pooling a number of small investors with varying amount of shares and returns. We have in the past bought very big property portfolio; the bigger portfolio, the better the value to the investor(s). We then divided out the portfolio to a number of people with the personal agenda and investment matching the property.

Excellent value for either quick resale or rental returns can be achieved by any of these investment methods. It gives the opportunity for the ‘small guy’ to also get the value bigger hedge funds get.

A Client Focused Product

Dingle Homes know that different people have different objectives so we focus on our clients’ needs and aspirations and deliver the product. The level of involvement depends on the client. Our product is always client focused. It is about making your money work smarter.

“A rising tide rises all boats” but the best boats rises the highest

A Client Focused Product

Now is the time for Investment

The Irish property market is primed for investment and Dingle Homes wants to make sure that you reap the benefit. We put our experience and connections in the property industry to work for you. Avoiding the pitfalls allows tasks be carried out with military precision.

Working with Professionals

While Dingle Homes’ services are comprehensive and cover everything from property advice to planning and construction in-house, we also work with other professionals. For example, we don’t sell properties directly. We work with auctioneers and are often offered properties for quick sales by auctioneers before they reach the open market. We have access to the best tax and legal advice so there are no hidden surprises along the way.

The same relationship exists with legal, tax, accountants, builders, auctioneers, finance companies, insurance, banks. That allows us to put all the pieces of the jig saw together much faster than others.

Banks also work with us to move on distressed properties rapidly. Usually, there are issues surrounding the properties, for example, they may require modernisation or there may be a planning issue. We fix the problems quickly and re-launch the property back in to the market.

Top Quality Service with Speed

Here at Dingle Homes we pride ourselves on providing a top quality service in a speedy fashion. However, our experience has taught us that different products will have different timelines. Sometimes patience is needed and sometimes speed is needed. Either way Dingle Homes adapts to the project and makes sure your investment is always progressing.

Our association with Declan Noonan & Association ensures the very best architecture, engineering, environment, and energy advice which allows swift analysis of situations and execution of the task.

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