What some of our clients have said about us.

Construction Testimonials

Our family connections in Dingle go back a few generations, so when an opportunity presented itself to purchase a derelict property in my ideal location, I jumped at the chance. I am an engineer myself so I thought I knew what lay ahead of me. However, pretty soon I realised the demands that a full scale renovation would place on me. I travel internationally with work and it was just not possible for me to run the renovation myself when I am only home a few times a year. I needed someone on the ground who could implement my dream.

With time zones and my own work deadlines an issue, I was not in a position to deal with different tradesmen and be involved in the minutiae of the renovation. I needed someone who could project manage the entire rebuild. After chatting with some small scale builders I was not confident that they were up to the job. Then I found Dingle Homes.

Dingle Homes stood out from the crows with their professionalism. I was particularly impressed with their attitudes and policies to do with safety. We agreed a fixed price for the job and a date to move in and that was that. They delivered on all of their promises and more. From kitchen design to interior design everything was sorted. They delivered the house exactly to my requirements, for the price we agreed and on time. Dingle Homes were totally professional.


Happy Construction Customer

We run a holiday home and wanted to add a sun room and do up a bedroom to improve our business. We live in London and every time we visited there was always so much to do we put it on the long finger. The hassle of trying to manage the job from London and fit in trips back to oversee the project was a big problem.

We tripped across Dingle Homes through a referral from a friend. Their responsiveness when we contacted was a sign of good things to come. Within days of meeting with them ground was broken and we were building. They worked even on Sunday and every day there was progress on site. There was no coming and going or double jobbing, it was go go go from the first day.

Communication throughout was excellent. We received regular updates on the build, including pictures. Decision making was really easy as Dingle Homes laid out our options as we went along. There were no delays.

The architect on the job said he never dealt with such a professional outfit. Dingle Homes did a beautiful job and contributed great design ideas. Our holiday home has never looked better. Our guests love it almost as much as we do!


Happy Construction Customer

When my wife’s health went down hill rapidly, we needed our home adapted as quickly as possible. Dingle Homes guaranteed me top quality, as fast as possible job. I had reservations at the start, as after talking to a number of other builders everything seemed to be a big deal. Dingle Homes made little of the problems. They provided solutions, not problems.

Their design knowledge and experience of peoples needs with disabilities really stood out. They made sure everything was perfect. From start to finish the job was done in 10 weeks. All of the tradesmen involved were insured and all of the work was fully certified. This was particularly important to us because applying for grants to help with the costs is only possible if the work has been certified. Dingle Homes were more than just builders for us. They made it possible for our family to stay at home together.


Happy Construction Customer

We are from the USA and my husband and I had been looking for ages to find a holiday home in the West Kerry area and most particularly around the Village of Ballydavid as my husband’s family live there. Our cousin knew we weren’t having much success, so he rang Dingle Homes to see if they could help and that’s when the roller coaster began. Dingle Homes knew of a house coming on the market in a few months that we could work with and recommended patience. One thing we don’t do is patience so we instructed them to get the property for us. After a protracted negotiation with the auctioneer and solicitors, everything was agreed and we got our house exactly where we wanted to be.

We knew we wanted to do something with the property but we didn’t know what was best. The house was dark and we couldn’t appreciate the lovely views that surrounded the property. We wanted to put our own stamp on it. Dingle Homes came up with ideas and construction costs of the various options, allowing us to make informed decisions. We agreed on a price and a time frame and sure enough, the Dingle Homes Construction team delivered exactly what we were looking for. I have a lot of experience in doing up properties, so I really appreciated that Dingle Homes service was well above the normal service and there was absolutely no stress for us, just a really enjoyable experience.

Dingle Homes are now looking after the day to day management of our home. They really are with you every step of the way. Great service, great communicators, great imagination and they really do live up to their promises.


Happy Property and Construction Customer

Project Management Testimonials

When I first visited County Kerry years ago I was mesmerised. It was so fresh and rugged and green. Having grown up in Nigeria, it was definitely a new experience for me. I returned again two years ago with the idea of finding a property to buy and renovate somewhere in West Kerry.

I spent a few months searching and eventually found an old farmyard with stables and some land. I decided that this was the perfect place for me and wanted to put my own stamp on it. I envisioned gutting the stable and could see the wide open plan living space, the patio and the courtyard out the front in my mind’s eye.

What I didn’t envision was how complicated thing are here in Ireland. In my hometown of Nigeria, if you want to build a house, you build a house. Here I was told i needed planning permission and that I had to fill out forms. It sounded like a lot of work and bureaucracy that I had not anticipated.

As I wandered down the street in Dingle arguing with myself over whether this was a good idea or not I spotted Dingle Homes’ office on Main Street. Their sign said property management. I thought maybe these people can point me in the right direction. I am so glad I trusted my instinct to call into them.

Dingle Homes were really excited to take on my project. They explained simply how the planning system works here and that it takes some time. But they reassured me that with their experience they could handle everything from design to planning to construction.

They listened to all of my design ideas and worked some particularly unusual requests I had into the design. I also explained to them that I had to return to Nigeria but I was eager to have as much input as I could to the project. We agreed on daily photographs from the site and Skype conversations when major decisions were to be made. They could see that I was very passionate about what I wanted but I just had no time to invest in it.

True to their word once the planning went through I received daily reports and once building started I received daily photos from the site. I really felt that I was part of the project. I could see all the progress they were making and they made sure to schedule Skype conversations which allowed me to make particular decisions. I absolutely had full control over my house in Killorglin from Nigeria.

I was particularly impressed with their attention to detail. I wanted an unusual fireplace, something like we have back home in Nigeria. It is very different to the Irish fireplaces. But the Dingle Homes team used all of their expertise and made it happen. They did the same for a bathroom feature. I wanted the sink resting on a tree trunk. They used their local contacts to get the tree trunk for my bathroom feature. They really worked hard to incorporate everyhting I wanted into the house. I was so excited when I received my daily photos of the house.

When it came to finishing the house, I was able to choose all of the interior fittings from tiles to curtains to beds and lamps. They were delivered to my house and Dingle Homes took care of everything. When I arrived back from Nigeria, it was such an amazing feeling to walk into the house that I had envisioned; that I chose the colours for; that I had followed through the daily photos. Now here it was in reality. I couldn’t believe it. Dingle Homes had even cut the grass before I arrived.

Now when I have to travel, I know I have a team of really great people who will look after my house. I know that they have a key and will call around and check on it for me when I am not there. All I have to do is ring and let them know that I am heading away. I get to chose whether I want them to go in and do a full check or whether they will just walk around the outside. They will even take in the post and water my plants if I am gone for a few weeks. What a great team of people to have. It’s such a luxury to have no stress and total reassurance that Dingle Homes has everything under control.


Happy Property Management Customer

Myself and my husband are from Kilkenny. We bought a house in Dunquin as an investment property during the ‘good times’ We had plenty of interest in the house and shared it with our family and friends for weekends away. However, like many people, since the economic climate has changed we found our Dunquin home becoming more of a burden. With less interest among our friends and family to use it and more pressure from the bank piling on us, we knew we had to do something with the house.

Added to that we had less time to travel down to check on it so I began worrying about whether the house was secure, especially with the terrible winters we have had. On one particular Sunday in January after a long and and icy drive down we realised that we were totally fed up with it.

We thought about selling it but we weren’t sure if there was a market for it. Selling a house when we lived so far away from it would be just as stressful as trying to manage it. And deep down I still loved our Dunquin getaway. It’s a beautiful place where you can truly relax.

We were so lucky one of the locals mentioned Dingle Homes to us. We rang them there and then and they came straight out to the house that day to meet us. We didn’t know when we  would be able to make it back down again and we got very excited at the thought that someone was willing to share the responsibilities with us. They took over the management of the house straight away,

You cannot imagine the relief I felt when two weeks later I met a friend for a drink on Friday evening and got a text from Dingle Homes saying “All is good in your home in Dunquin”. There was no need for me to read the full report. Just knowing that I had someone to check on it for me and tell me everything was fine was enough.

Then in March Dingle Homes surprised me again. They rang me and said straight out “Catherine would you like to make some money from your house?”. I remember laughing and thinking “what kind of a question is that?”. Of course I’d like to see our house working for us, Dingle Homes and their sister company Dingle Holidays took care of the lot. I tell them which weeks I want to use the house myself and they run it as a holiday home rental for the rest of the year. When we arrive down the work is done for us. they even have the beds dressed and the house aired. I get a cheque once a month with the money my house is making for me.

I am delighted that I met the Dingle Home team. They shared the burden with us They are making us money. And best of all, they brought the joy back to our Dunquin escape for us.


Happy Property Management Customer

We have been visiting Dingle for years and finally decided to buy our own holiday home as a relaxing retreat away from the pressures of work and city life. We live in Nottingham and are very busy managing our family business. Having very little time or energy to devote to looking for a home in Dingle we appointed Dingle Homes to do the hard work for us.

We met with the Dingle Homes team and explained what we were looking for and what our budget was. They cut out all the hassle for us and came back to us with a synopsis of the properties that met our needs. We spent some time looking online ourselves. Dingle Homes using their local knowledge were able to advise us on these properties. This meant we weren’t wasting time and money travelling to see houses that were unsuitable for us.

We then toyed with the idea of looking outside of the Dingle Peninsula. We found a house in Sneem that we liked. Dingle Homes sent their in-house property expert to look at the house for us an completed a structural survey. The house didn’t come up to scratch unfortunately, but Dingle Homes carried on the search. Their enthusiasm helped us stay passionate and patient during the search.

Finally thanks to Dingle Homes we found a home on the Dingle Peninsula that suited our needs. They checked out all the paperwork, making sure they were properly worded and that everything as in order. They negotiated a great rate for us with the local solicitors. We closed the sale last November.

We wanted to make a few changes to maximise the space for our family, such as adding a patio and a barbeque area and convert a garage area to another bedroom. Dingle Homes took care of all of this using their team of property and construction experts.

It was delightful to arrive in Dingle for our two week holiday in May. Our home as complete and tailored exactly to our needs, without any of the hassle of project managing the works or worrying about building regulations. Dingle Homes took care of everything for us. They ticked all of the boxes for us. They have saved us from stress, hours of travel and definitely saved us money and best of all we have a perfect holiday home.


Janet & Richard

Happy Property Management Customers


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